Stretch III
Stretch III, by Jennie

At the moment I am really enjoying conceptualizing paintings. I am exploring ideas, poses and color combinations, just trying to get the ideas out of my head so they don’t fester. There is a real joy in creating purely for fun. My aquarelles are perfect for exploring different things. I love playing with texture and color combinations, frequently I will revisit the same pose over and over, getting different emotional responses to each one. It is like life drawing again which is fun, it is always good to brush up, but it is also a great way to test and plan works and concepts- which I am doing more frequently.

It used to be that I rarely planned works – that it would get in the way of the creation process. I guess now with added confidence in my work I am ready to explore more complex concepts and combinations. I don’t wish my works to grow stale but nutting some of the trickier bits out first is smoothing the process out. I am excited about the different ideas that flood in – I guess planning them out means that I can really do them justice.

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