nude sean connery painting revealed

article-1326779-0BEA441F000005DC-377_468x610.jpg LONDON: A near nude painting of 007 star Sean Connery is up for exhibition. The oil painting, which was hidden in a little darkroom till now, shows Connery posing for an art class wearing nothing but a thong. The actor worked as a male model for art classes before becoming a huge star in Hollywood. The artist Robert Webster, known as Rab, painted the actor, who later played 007, in 1951. Webster was a student at the Edinburgh College of Art, and a 21-year-old Connery modelled for his class, the Daily Mail reported. Following Webster’s death last month at the age of 83, his family decided to stage an exhibition of his work including the previously unseen image of Sir Sean, now 80, and his bare back.

[From World Vignettes]

You may recall I wrote about Sean Connery posing nude quite some time ago. the online news are all over this item like it is news, however it has been known for a long time that Sir Connery posed nude when he was younger, it fascinates me that it is such a big deal. I mean, yes, he is a celebrity and looks like an outstanding model, but the focus seems to be ‘OMG he posed nude!’ (almost, he wore a thong) as if that somehow impacts on all his other work. I found this article to be a nice, brief delivery of the facts without the constant opinion (and “related” links about Keith Richards and his love child) and headlines like “Sean Connery had a really nice butt” (like we didn’t know).

I wonder how he feels about it now, personally, I doubt he cares! it’s a shame for the late artist that this is the photograph mainly used, that’s the part that I focus on, I imagine him turning in his grave seeing his work all over the web- but badly photographed! I’m glad that the exhibit will be going up, it sounds like an unappreciated artist may be getting some posthumous kudos. Even if it is more for the subject matter than the art itself.

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