Risk Taking

preliminary sketch

preliminary sketch,
by Jennie

It is an inevitable part of an artists life, facing rejection. I’m stepping up my game this year and really going for it. It’s a crazy, busy time – I’m learning a lot about my pieces and how to relate to galleries, curators and generally the business side of things. I’m taking the risks that I have to take to lift my career to the next level which is exciting and scary all at once.

Because art is such a subjective thing it is a fact that not everyone will love it. It is also a fact that any form of rejection is going to feel, in some way, personal. I am proud of the fact that I am handling rejection better and better. It helps that I have had more successes than failures, and wonderful support from everyone – including you all!

It turns out that it isn’t that scary sticking my neck out anymore. they aren’t rejecting me, and not one single committee has come back saying “oh my god your work sucks!” in fact, the more I submit the more I learn about myself and the more I believe in my work. I still have my moments, but I find it easier each and every time to stick my neck back out. after all, without the risks I can’t gain the kind of career I want. I find I am not scared of success anymore and, well, only a little scared of failure… if we leave the lights on..

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