Back from Festival

Festival Sketch

Festival Sketch,
by Jennie

Well, I am back, slowly getting into the swing of things again and resting up from a full easter. I am part of a historical reenactment group and use it to indulge my love of costume making, singing and historical research (yes I am a geek, but we already knew that!). the event was a week long camping event and although I couldn’t last the entire distance I did have fun.

I also got back into one of my old habits. When I was a kid and dreamed of being an artist, I was told that many artists sharpened their hands and eyes and characterization by sitting somewhere busy and drawing passers-by. candid portraits of people who don’t know you’re there, they don’t pose, they don’t stay still and you need to be on the ball to capture the essence of their face before you lose it all together. I used to sit in food courts and just draw faces for hours on end.

It took me a while to slide back into the mindset, but once I did I couldn’t stop. I bought a new sketchbook, leather bound (for a revoltingly cheap price) and took it everywhere, drawing. at least until my pencil broke. I intend to take this book to events and try to capture looks and faces that inspire me.

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