a New Ochre Nude

a new ochre nude

a new ochre nude,
by Jennie

The other night I came home from a party where I had enjoyed much art geeking and looking at amazing works. well, after all that I had no choice but to paint – it was a physical need so I practically ran into the studio at 2:30am pausing only to grab my iPod. this is the result.

I have been hanging up on overthinking my poses and concepts, meticulously working them out and then being hard on the results if they differ from the image in my head by a trifle. it’s been about the mechanics rather than the feeling and emotive content. so I tossed it all out the window. Instead of putting everything on the initial sketch, I used it as a starting point to inspire me and just let go.

‘Let go’ is an understatement! I put on Rent and attacked the canvas. the pulsing rhythms and the subject matter bolstered me and threw me headlong into the creation process in the best way. I got lost in the joy of purely creating. it was bliss – pure and simple.

This piece differs quite a lot from my original sketch. do I care? no. I’m really happy with this piece and the way it turned out. I’m glad to be leaving for my trip on such a high note. of course I am itching to paint some more but it will have to wait until I get more canvas. I may work further on the background of this piece but it is mostly finished. the title is emerging as something like Slide or Slump.. I’d love to hear your opinions.

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