Hiding  - 18x18 Oils on Canvas

Hiding – 18×18 Oils on Canvas by Jennie
This painting is for sale

I have been very slack with my blog. it’s funny – it was doing so well last year that I panicked and stopped working on it. I have a fear of letting people down – so I stop and let them down.. wait.

Every day I write a blog post in my head. but for some reason it’s been hard to get things out on my keyboard. it’s been a tough winter but a lot has been happening, but rather clue you in on it and manage to wake up tomorrow and find it was all a dream, I say nothing at all. sometimes I’m afraid I don’t have anything important to say, a new work, a hard hitting article, nothing. but the fact is I do usually have a voice and I am choosing to shutup. I am no longer using my blog as a visual diary or as a journal of my emerging success as an artist and I need to do something about this.

well that ends today. I am going to make a concerted effort to pick up my blogging starting with a blog makeover. no more blog apathy for me!

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