body parts obsession

Languid - 18x36 Acrylic and gesso on Canvas (detail)

Languid – 18×36 Acrylic and gesso on Canvas (detail) by Jennie
This piece is for sale

I find myself frequently obsessed with body parts. particular body parts, sections of a figure. I like to explore how they move, how gravity affects them and how light falls across them. I become focussed on them almost to the exclusion of other things. when I was younger it was hands and feet, breasts are a perennial favorite, bums get a good going over but these days I find myself focussing on the less obvious parts like the nipples, the kneecap, ears, hair, shoulder blades..

At the moment I am fascinated with the swell of the lower tummy and how it moves into the pubis, how thighs and hip bones interact with it and how it can be seen from different angles – stretched out, collapsed in, different swells, different curves, the angles, the softness – it’s all fascinating to me. I see it everywhere, analyzing the region on every girl I see, I almost feel a need for t-shirts that say ‘excuse me for staring at your ___ I’m an artist’

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