I am becoming completely obsessed with 3D modeling in Daz|Studio. it started as a way for me to create, pose and light my ideal models then pick my angle for the image to paint. it is the best way for me to get the poses and angles I want, with the models I want and no back talk! it’s free, easy to use and as I am rapidly discovering, very very addictive.

It doesn’t help that there is a wealth of wonderful free or inexpensive content out there and I am a bit of a collection freak so I can’t help but download everything. I’ve spent the last few days trying to sort out all of my resources but it’s becoming a never-ending task! (not helped by the fact that I download almost as much as I sort..) I prefer D|S to Poser even though it isn’t as powerful, it’s substantially faster, and it suits my needs perfectly. plus it’s free.

I used to use myself for a reference or my own mind, but lately my poses and angles have been getting more adventurous, and harder to realize without reference. this provides me with a perfect opportunity to work at my own pace, and play with fun technology. now if only I could stop playing long enough to paint something!

I’d put in one of my images but I’m waiting for the render…

5 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. oh no!

    What have I done!!!!

    Sounds like you have the same problem i have I spend more time looking for free stuff and downloading it than i do actually doing something with it.

  2. Welcome to the dark side! (We have cookies.)

    I have about 30 GB of freebies, plus a fair amount of stuff I have bought from Daz… it does get rather ridiculous rather quickly.

    Which version are you using, BTW? 2.1 has just come out, but based on the reports in the forums I’m sticking to 1.8 for some time yet.

    Most of the stuff in my deviantArt gallery were done in D|S – I’d love to hear (read?) you comments on them at some time… 🙂

  3. yup! all your fault Requiem, I blame you! it’s so much fun though, and so practical! no really, it’s for work. honest. the fact that I spent a while creating my latest roleplaying character has nothing to do with it.

    Heya Aeddan, it was great to see your deviations! I’m currently using 2.1 because I really wanted the content manager. it takes forever to sort everything (there’s nothing automatic) but it is really useful when it is done. much more logical I think. I’ve had less issues with crashing since version 2 (except when sorting morphs, that was a mess). it doesn’t seem any faster but I haven’t had any dramas so far. mind you, I am using the mac version..

  4. Hey, glad you like them! I have plenty more ideas to come, just less time to create that I’d really like. 😦

    I’m still using 1.8, as 2.1 still seems to be having teething problems. Now if only I could avoid spending huge swathes of money on models! I’ve joined Daz’s Platinum Club, and even with the PC savings my wishlist is over $4200! Meep!

  5. ooh, you’ll have to let me know how you go with Platinum club, I admit I’ve been very tempted to join! 😀 actually, if renderosity had something like it, there would be something.. my renderosity wishlist is insane.

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