Storm 3D Render

Coming soon to Artboy Gallery – Fanboy vs ArtBoy: Ladies Night! a celebration of women in pop culture. I have chosen a superhero idol, one of the few female superheroes that is not a lesser derivative of a male superhero. she is all one of the rare people of color in comics who is also…

Victoria 5 and Genesis Created in Daz Studio 4

Free Nude Models! (Genesis)

A couple of years go I wrote the post Free Nude Models (And other stuff) This post has been well received but technology has progressed and it’s time I wrote a whole new version! Daz 3D have completely changed their platform to make use of the latest technology. the old figures still work and will…

Flip 2 – steampunk Daz render

Flip – Daz Studio 4 Render I love this pose so much I just have to keep playing! It’s odd how something changes with the angle. At the moment I am doing some watercolors and exploring the same pose from different angles, it’s really fun to see how much mood can change. I will probably…

Hey Big Spender… Why the Platinum Club at Daz is worth it

I’ve been a platinum member for almost two years now. not as long as many but when I realized what a huge boon to my work Daz Studio was (and when they released Daz Studio advanced) I decided to take the leap. at first it was monthly, but last year when I got caught up in the October festivities I took out an annual membership and have never looked back!

Even more free nude models!

go here for all the free models you could want for artistic reference. for the bundles including morphs, characters, hair, clothes and more check out this link Personally I am very excited about this because it gives me the opportunity to start looking at a series I am interested in pursuing in protest of the new legislations currently under debate in Australia. that’s right, no sooner do I start one series that another pops into my little pea brain and I get all excited about that one instead!