Why do I love twitter?

Mirror - 36 x24 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum
Mirror – 36 x24 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

Like so many others I have recently become addicted to twitter. before, it was just another site that notifications of blog posts went out to. Then I guess I became a victim of my all time favorite ploys “because I can” and “because it might be useful some day.” I connected it to Facebook, then my mobile, then twhirl, then I may as well add Pownce and Jaiku seeing as twhirl posts to them as well. I blame Ecto which started it all with it’s handy little blog notification tool.

Why do I love twitter?

I work from home, alone (while Liam is at work). I have the cats to keep me company but to be honest – they sleep a lot and get grumpy when I talk to them and wake them up. I don’t miss my old day job, but I do miss the camaraderie, people to share thoughts with, no matter how little or banal. my blog is one way I reach out to people, I love the chance to converse about my favorite topics. But what do you do with all those small thoughts? the what ifs, the hey this site is cool, the OMG my website just died, the little rants and raves that make up our day? and more importantly, where can you hear others sharing theirs? twitter is my background noise, my water cooler, my way of realizing that there are other people out there. I tend to get very insular and agoraphobic if I don’t maintain human contact and twitter is the ideal way for me to do that without giving up my privacy to paint or overly distracting me from work.

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