6 years on – why I started Blogging

it turns out, the more I experimented with painting and enjoyed myself, the less pain I felt. and sharing with the world enabled me to create the career I have today. sometimes I wonder about taking down those old posts, they’re a long way from where I’ve come today, and I worry that they aren’t in keeping with my “brand” but I look back fondly on them, they’re part of my journey. this blog is the history of my career from the beginning, an online visual diary and a fun diversion.


Consternation – 12 x 12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum my apologies once again everyone, I’ve been coordinating my first international show and it’s been a series of headaches to say the least. most people would use this sort of thing as fuel to write about in their blog, but for some reason every…

Why do I love twitter?

I have the cats to keep me company but to be honest – they sleep a lot and get grumpy when I talk to them and wake them up. I don’t miss my old day job, but I do miss the camaraderie, people to share thoughts with, no matter how little or banal…. I tend to get very insular and agoraphobic if I don’t maintain human contact and twitter is the ideal way for me to do that without giving up my privacy to paint or overly distracting me from work.

tech updates

Masquerade – 10 x 12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum Having been a year since I installed and added custom CSS to my blog layout, I thought it was finally time to fix all those niggly little errors that have been residing in the back of my mind…. I sat and looked at the menu bar, now fully back in alignment, for a good five minutes just feeling happy that it was finally done!… the plan is, that I wont have any of these little issues bugging me when I can get back into the studio.

Change of focus

Languid – 18×36 Acrylic and gesso on Canvas this myspace debarcle has burnt me out of a lot of social media at the moment, at least for non art related media…. So many marketing newsletters have come to me lately saying that not one person can do everything, that we all have to sort out our priorities and not spread ourselves too thin and I think that this is a lesson I really need to learn…. I get distracted by a new shiny site and I am off and signed up and working away and my focus is spread so thin you can use it for a supermodel.

Blog Shout out

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