thankyou everyone

Watercolor nudes
Embrace – Watercolors and Pencil on Paper.

Thanks to everyone who came, who helped and who sent me best wishes. I couldn’t have done it without you!

I am very proud of the effort that went into this show and of the final result. the works look unified but each one is still different enough. there were enough paintings. there was enough food. everyone seemed to have a good time, and the article in the leader newspaper definitely brought people in.

I will do a proper post mortem later. but for now I am taking a well earned few days off. then I will get stuck into cleaning the horrific bombsite that is my studio and get it running again.

2 thoughts on “thankyou everyone

  1. Hey Jenny! Congrats from Angie and Steve in Wisconsin, USA! You survived! Told you you would.

    May this be the first of many sucesses for you, you’ve certainly earned it. Relax, clean up the studio tomorrow. It’ll still be there. You need to unwind.

    Have a nude beach near you? If so, go and get sunburned, you deserve it. Have a happy day!

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