Even more free nude models!

Create stunning 3D models for games

Update to my free nude models (and other stuff) post – Daz are now offering all of their base models for free!

go here for all the free models you could want for artistic reference.  Sadly Daz are no longer offering their Generation 4 Models for free – HOWEVER – you can now get Genesis for free with Daz Studio 4 – which is also Free! Genesis is more poseable, more flexible and cooler than ever with so many more morphing options – check it out!

for the bundles including morphs, characters, hair, clothes and more check out this link

Personally I am very excited about this because it gives me the opportunity to start looking at a series I am interested in pursuing in protest of the new legislations currently under debate in Australia. that’s right, no sooner do I start one series that another pops into my little pea brain and I get all excited about that one instead! don’t worry, I am still painting my burlesque series.

and no amount of free will be cheap enough for me to clog my runtime with The Girl.

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