At least the animals are nude!

This is a great opinion article from the Sydney Morning Herald. It’s good to know that we can still have fun with this subject and it hasn’t all become too taboo to even mention.

The calendar, which features stars from the Channel Seven documentary series RSPCA Animal Rescue and some of the animals they have rescued, is understood to be Australia’s first calendar depicting clothed people since the 1950s, when clothes were considered normal and worn shamelessly at all levels of society.

When shown pictures from the RSPCA calendar last week, members of the public were outraged.

“It’s disgusting,” said a man with a beard, 47. “I can’t even look,” said a girl with a mole on her nose, 15. “Filthy!” said a woman with a flowery hat and a monocle, 58, though it was later discovered she had spotted something untoward hanging off a poodle’s bottom.

The RSPCA defended its controversial calendar by pointing out that all the animals were nude. However, this may not be enough to save the society from Government censors, who are expected to confiscate the calendar and use state-of-the-art software to add rude bits to the humans – or at least rude bits tastefully obscured by squeaky toys, bones and budgie feeding bowls.

Proceeds from sales of the calendar will go to the RSPCA’s animal rescue service. Critics have accused the society of courting scandal in a sordid bid to sell more copies. However, in the saturated weird-nude-calendar market, it takes increasingly degenerate acts to get noticed.

[From No nudes is bad news – Opinion –]

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