Consternation - 12 x 12 Oils on Canvas
Consternation – 12 x 12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

my apologies once again everyone, I’ve been coordinating my first international show and it’s been a series of headaches to say the least. most people would use this sort of thing as fuel to write about in their blog, but for some reason every time I’ve sat down to write lately I’ve been withdrawn, lost, afraid to write, unsure what to write. it isn’t flowing easily for me at the moment and writing should be fun.

one of the problems is my blog has been getting away from me. it’s been less and less my blog and more and more about nude art issues. now, I love writing my opinion pieces and editorials on these issues, but more often than not it’s the same story over and over. it’s wearing to cover the same thing. depressing even. but when I feel like I can’t write about myself on my own blog.. then we have a problem. so, inbetween working on this show I have been thinking about the direction of this blog. I still want to cover the stories and write the opinions but I also want to write about my work, my influences and even (gasp!) my self.

Admittedly I’ve also lacked the drive to work on my blog lately, and on my online marketing, I’ve been in the studio more and it’s been blissful! ideas are coming thick and fast and I’ve been reveling in the pure joy of painting.

so, I am going to make some changes around here, make my posting schedule a little easier to cope with, and I will see about condensing the twitter – because – yikes! sorry about that!

One thought on “apologies

  1. Shhhh, Jennie. Writing stuff down just to fill empty space doesn’t help anyone (just look on our blog for examples of ‘obligational’ postings). That satisfies no one.

    You don’t owe us anything. Just be yourself, live your life, and share that which inspires you.

    And remember what American Republicans say: Our current President is trying too hard to do too many things at once, unlike the previous President who couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Not sure exactly how that fits but it’s fun to say!

    Whatever you do, do it because it’s fun! Not a chore.

    And good luck with your show, we’re sure that’s not stressful at all…

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