Sketchbook Library Over The Top – Burlesque Series

Over the top - a new nude by Jennie Rosenbaum

Burlesque Series – Render 1

Digital Art

I’ve been a little slack in updating these images on my blog. I’ve been adding them to my Facebook Fan Page pretty much as they are done but my foggy brain forgets that I need to add them here as well.

This is the render in response to my original sketch. After creating a quick sketch I ‘flesh’ the idea out with a 3D render of the subject. this is where I can really play with lighting, mood and get the pose just right. The final oil painting is a combination of the two. I’ve been very excited and inspired by volumetric lighting recently (the beams of light like there were dust motes or fog in the air around the model) and am looking forward to getting into the studio to work out how I will produce these effects in oils.

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