Featured Painting of the Day on Discovered Artists


Groove featured at Discovered Artists

Each day, we feature one piece of art, photography or sculpture that we’d like you to consider buying today. If the piece we are recommending is purchased within three days of this post, DiscoveredArtists.com will pay the shipping cost on behalf of the buyer.

Clicking on the image below will take you directly to the artist’s gallery, where you can learn more about the work, the artist and purchase.

[From DiscoveredArtists.com’s Featured Painting of the Day: “Groove” by Jennie Rosenbaum « ]

My painting Groove has been featured as painting of the day on Discovered Artists’ blog. thanks guys! I really appreciate it, it’s lovely to see it n such a nice room setting as well. Discovered artists work really hard to represent their artists and to publicise them. I’ve never seen an online gallery do so much for their artists before. to join DA you can view their artist’s information here. my full gallery on DA is here.

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