Sketchbook Library OTT – Render Two

Bustle render

OTT – Render Two

Digital 3D created in Daz Studio

This one was especially tricky. to get the spine curved the way I wanted was a near impossibility due to the limitations of the 3d figure (a bend point at the waist and one at the top of the chest are not how a spine works). at times like this I have to trust to my own abilities as a painter (and anatomy enthusiast) to see beyond the reference material and “what is” to create what I want. this is difficulty when you consider that usually artists are trained to only produce what the eye sees, not what the mind wants. I might write about that at some point.
still, the key point of the render over the initial sketch is to solidify things like lighting. my early works where I worked from my mind or from sketches often lacked the lighting that I truly wanted to give the works. as my ability with 3d develops I am beginning to realize the lights that my mind has wanted to produce all these years and my work is showing the improvement.

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