friday nude quotes

I recall my disappointment
On first seeing you nude.
An admission I admit that could be
Badly misconstrued.

You are utterly attractive,
have a wonderful frame,
but there’s you with clothes and you without
and they’re not quite the same.

while you still had your clothes on,
I had imbued you perfection,
with rather massive shoulders
and a cut mid section.

but when I saw you naked.
it was a disconcerting matter-
how your chest got softer
and your butt got flatter.

yet today I watch you sleeping so superbly unfurled.
and I can’t imagine trading that body
for any body-
nearly any other body in the world

An admission – Songs from an Unmade Bed

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    • I think I’ve fixed it now.. stupid ecto! I have them set in a template so I can add a bunch at once, but they had a preset summary. I’ve resaved the template without the summary and fixed all the queued ones up. it’s working fine in my different feed application thingys on facebook and stuff but obviously not in everything, thanks for letting me know!

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