Nude of the Week – Help me think of a title!

Help me think of a title!


5 x 7 Oils on Canvas

a new piece in my volumetric or visible light series. the figure started as being largely secondary to my experiments in creating the light beams. however, as usual, she evolved into something on how I am feeling about my changing body. I do actually have a bump now. the funny thing is that the bump changes constantly – higher, lower, inner, outer, leaning off to the left or right. it’s a very strange feeling having someone growing inside you- something I never appreciated until now.

I’m stumped, I have no title for this piece. I actually don’t know how i feel about it, but I am feeling better about the way the light is working. I was quite depressed when I started this piece but cheered enormously through the creation of it- I think that shows somehow.

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