the decade that was – part two

Composed 10x12 Oils on Canvas
Composed 10×12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

Most of that was 5 years ago. since then I have:
had many exhibitions, solo, group, juried, international and local

developed signature styles

studied photography at RMIT and drawing and painting at Curtin University, all online

learned how to use 3D modeling to give me access to all the models and lights I could ever want

worked through many of my psychological issues on canvas

produced a large body of work

sold a large body of work

received awards and acclaim

fought legal battles, won some, lost some, still going on others.

became a pensioner, received my parking permit, got a cane to help me walk and used it to walk and walk and walk

saw many many many movies

formed groups for nude art online

formed a group for disabled artists

met my artistic hero

became an activist for nude rights and the fight against censorship

started a pretty successful blog

used my previous business experience to propel my career forwards while learning new tricks

discovered the joys and the addiction of social media

got a tattoo

learned how to budget, manage finances and save

got knocked up! it’s a difficult pregnancy but i’m still pushing ahead with my work and my strength building- some may say I’m insane but as long as I have my work to focus on I can get through anything. including pukeahontas.

been truly happy.

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