you have your free nude models… now what?

Consternation reference image
Consternation reference image

All those zip files that you downloaded in previous weeks are probably languishing away. expand them to your content folder in the main Daz|Studio application folder. you want the runtime folders to merge into your main runtime category so to do everything automatically it’s easiest if you set your expanding program to merge the contents and preserve the folder structure.

It’s time to open up Daz|Studio and take a look around. personally when I get a new piece of software I like to play with it and learn by doing. It’s going to ask you a number of questions about how you want the program to look and what features you want activated. this is all your own choice and it’s very easy to change in the view menu. I use an advanced split screen setting but for now you may want to use one of the basic layouts until you get the hang of things.

When Daz asks if you want it to scan your database say yes. it’s going to take a look and find all of those new files you just added and will add them to the uncategorized section. the darker color and ! means that this is new content that you haven’t used yet. you can drag your new items around and categorize them so that you can find them later. this is all totally up to you, you can categorize by dragging and dropping or by right clicking and selecting categorize… it helps to take the time to do this on a regular basis. I have so much content it takes forever to find them if I don’t stick to my system!

2 thoughts on “you have your free nude models… now what?

  1. Other things that might help:

    Advanced Library (
    P3DO Explorer (
    PRPC for D|S (
    Finder plugin for D|S (

    All except for Finder are free products, and with PRPC you can browse your content using Advanced Library, and double-click to import that into D|S. It works great.

    I find that I need a combination of all of these things to keep track of, and to find, the content I have (over 1000 products from Daz alone!).

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