Summer in the City Review

I love Jennie’s art, and am fortunate enough to own some of her smaller pieces, including Heart and Cross (pictured below, hanging on my bedroom wall).

I thought two or her new works were stunning: Composed, where she has been experimenting with using volumetric lighting, and Release – I love the detail and perspective in this work, particularly in the hand and arm.

[From Jennie Rosenbaum at Summer in the City « Polly Morgan]

A quick shout out to friend and collector Polly for an awesome review of my latest exhibition. thanks Polly! it’s great to see some pics of the exhibition too. if anyone else has some feel free to email them to me (as long as I’m not in them! ;)) the memory card that had some pictures on it has died in a tragic washing machine accident..

Apparently there was a review in The Age as well, I’m trying to track it down. De installation went very well, I had a lovely chat with the director about the exhibition, they are interested in my showing there again so I count this as a very successful show!

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