Nude of the Week – Dejected

Dejected - a new nude by Jennie Rosenbaum

Oils on Canvas
10×12 in


Dejected is an artwork I started over 6 months ago. it was towards the beginning of my 2nd trimester and I was entering a very long block. my artistic drives are frequently tied into my hormones. I HATED this. I loathed it so much I was ready to throw it out. I turned it to the wall, unfinished. and there it languished.
I took it out a month ago to test a varnish and took another look at it. suddenly, it had potential, it was a piece in potentia- instead of in the trash. last week I figured it out, grabbed my brush and started painting. this is the result. I don’t know if I will ever love it- but it is complete- and it has… something. the title in this work not only reflects the pose, but how I felt when I felt like I couldn’t complete it and how I imagine the painting felt sitting in a dark corner waiting to be.. (that’s normal btw, most of my paintings feel something- it’s when they talk that I get worried :P)

One thought on “Nude of the Week – Dejected

  1. I’ve been coming back to his painting since I first saw this post quite often – and I really love it (I’m not entirely sure why). I think maybe – to me, anyway – it’s showing how you can be completely exposed and vulnerable, while still hiding. I think it’s powerful and moving.

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