Nude of the Week – Pop Daz Render

Burlesque Render 12

Daz|Studio render
Not quite sure about the lighting in this one, I really like the shadows on the thigh, but not so much the ones on the chest. the pose came really fast, but the lighting was a trick as usual – still, that’s where painting can come in! a chance to fix up the discrepancies and play with the elements I like while downplaying the ones I don’t. I love not having to paint exactly what I see, imagine how boring the world would be then!

Link to the original sketch here

Daz|Studio products used
Figure: Victoria 4 *free*
Character: Eve
Hair and Hat: Sennia Hair
Lighting: Studiolight Pro
Shoes: Stylish Shoes
Morphs: Morphs++ NGM for V4

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