The art market bubble, about to burst or merely change?

What goes up must come down. It is a law of physics, and of economy. While many are looking at the recent succeeds at Christies and Sotheby’s as the best art sales we’ve seen, others are seeing it as the beginning of the end for the arts market.

Personally, I see it as possibly the beginning of the end for some of the secondary arts market. Some art is like blue chip stock and will forever be a sound investment. But I also see it as the beginning of the rise of the primary market. More and more middle class people and baby boomers are becoming interested in collecting art, and they are on the look out for emerging artists and established living artists. They are looking for the blue chips to be, the next Picasso, the next Van Gogh. They are the new patrons and I predict that we will see further growth in the primary art market as Internet sales of art rise and the mystique surrounding art collecting fades away.

Art is no longer only for the rich, As artists work to represent themselves, connect with clients online around the world and make wonderful art, this new group of patrons will be here to build the next generation of blue chip art.

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2 thoughts on “The art market bubble, about to burst or merely change?

  1. I think you may be right, it’s changing so fast and so many people are getting qualified in it that there is a glut. but at the same time there are also more and more opportunities in the tech sphere being made every day – for those who make their opportunities themselves anyway! I think we will see similar things everywhere, more solopreneurs and small groups working hard online to promote themselves and less large, expensive operations all around. interesting!

    I wouldn’t go back to the tech world for anything tho! 😉

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