From the ugly comes poetry


This wonderful Poem was written on the wall for my painting Ugly on Redbubble, recently featured in their explore section. I’m always humbled when my work inspires poets and writers, thankyou Ivo!


Loathsome I’ve become.
Acreature so undome.
Wretched and broken.
Cannot find my faith.
Any God will do.
Nothing said is new
Nothing said is true.
Fly away my hope….

2 thoughts on “From the ugly comes poetry

  1. It’s so nice when your art can inspire someone else! Especially in a different art form…
    I can see how the painting is inspiring though, it’s a really powerful image.
    Well done Jennie! =)

  2. Thanks Jaz! I feel really humbled when people are inspired by my work, this is one of my darker pieces but I really let go and tapped something to create it, it was cathartic and I don’t think I will ever let it go!

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