Storm 3D Render

Storm 3D Render

Coming soon to Artboy Gallery – Fanboy vs ArtBoy: Ladies Night! a celebration of women in pop culture. I have chosen a superhero idol, one of the few female superheroes that is not a lesser derivative of a male superhero. she is all one of the rare people of color in comics who is also not a copy. this is important. she is strong, intelligent and not a stereotype.

I used Genesis and Victoria 5 with the Muscle morphs and fitness turned way up. I also used the African morphs (although it is hard to see, *I* know they are there and that is important) and a lovely new texture I had yet to use- Candace for Stephanie 5. Daz has a huge number of creamy skinned textures but not so many darker ones so I collect them when I can. I custom textured the Shadowcaster Spellribbons to look like lightnings and turned them into a light source along with the eyes.

The render is printed on a metallic print and professionally mounted on Artmount. it is ready to hang.
Limited Edition of 15
$250 Each

Come to the Gallery to see the gorgeous metallic effects in person! the facebook event is here

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