Everything is light and shadow

Xi WangMu 3D Render by Jennie Rosenbaum

Xi WangMu 3D Render by Jennie Rosenbaum

Most of my art has to do with light and shadow.

I got you there didn’t I? you thought it was to do with nude people, and you would be right, the curves and shapes of the human body are an obsession of mine. but more than about the human body I think my work is becoming more and more about light and shadow and how they interact with flesh.

I think everything is about light in the end. you think that leaf is pretty? that’s the way the light shines through it. that flower is a lovely color? that’s light doing that! someone’s hair is stunning and you love the way their eyes gleam? light!
and then there is shadow. the cast shadows that follow or precede us. the little edges of shadow that kiss the light. the way they change temperature and change the mood of anything.

yup, light is everything. it gives form and color. shadow provides depth and detail. one cannot exist without the other.

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