What do singing lessons and art school have in common?

 raphael digital render Back when I was first learning to sing I clashed with my teacher. Over and over she would tell me to sing through my nose, to get out of my throat. She was getting more and more frustrated with my lack of progress so I decided to mock her (because I was a tween and knew everything dontchewknow). I sang the most nasal, sarcastic version of the song I could think of. it sounded awful and she stopped, stunned for a moment before bursting out with “that’s what I’ve been saying! that’s it!” she brought in the head of music and I repeated my little act. and they both lost. their. shit. in a good way.

You see, I couldn’t hear inside my own head what it was like and I needed to get out of my own way. thanks to her I took my singing several levels up in that one day. I needed to stop doing what I thought was nice and take the risk, change things up and do something that felt uncomfortable.

My art is like that now.

I’ve been working one on one with some of my teachers, I’ve had crits with the whole class and I have the feeling of impending change. like my work is on the verge of something new, something different. I have to move outside of what is comfortable and embrace difference. I need to get out of my own way. I have been working in a vacuum and now I am truly opening up to all the possibilities rather than chasing my own tail. I love it.

I am examining the work of 3D fine artists and also looking at artists who explore dichotomies and the line between kitsch and fine art and low brow and fine art. I am so excited to explore new ideas, to bring stuff I have wanted to express but have been afraid to, or worried about. To really go nuts and create what is in my heart to create. 

Now I need to go work out what that is! 

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