2015 – How Jennie Got her Groove Back

 nothing ever gets easier, you just get stronger 

This year my word was determination and boy did I have that in spades! Everything I did I did with determination and deliberation, whether it was fun, work, school, feminism, travel, reading, comics, Twitter… I don’t know if I grew up this year, I think I grew down instead, but I had a great time going forth into everything I did with amazing focus.

me in the flight simulator 

This year was my little miss’ first year of school. Around the time we were getting her ready for school is also the time that I found out that I would be returning- as a masters candidate! Then I found out that I couldn’t afford to go because of something stupid the Howard government did to screw over Permanent Residents. So I began the year thrilled at the prospect of uni and terrified that I couldn’t go. But hard work and determination saw me raise the money I needed. Through crowdfunding, selling artworks and the generosity of friends and assistance from the uni. I am still working on the pledges! I haven’t forgotten I promise!

catal huyuk inspired piece 

Determination saw me go to school on the train and walking, working in my campus studio and sitting in class. It saw me through tutorials and critiques and essays for the first time in over a decade! It saw me through the pain I was in and the cold winter days, and through the amazing happy distractions. Studying at the VCA is a dream come true for me, I have always wanted to go there. It was all I could do to keep the grin off my face every damn day. I loved my critiques, I loved my classes, I loved writing my essays, I loved looking at my art in all new ways.

 a new 3D and watercolor  version of Jibril 

This year I painted less. I created more digital 3D art than ever before and started 3D printing and augmented reality. I researched other contemporary artists working in 3D and really launched myself into this exciting medium. I can’t wait to get stuck into my full year project next year! I embraced the fact that my future in painting may be limited, but my future in new media is a glorious open path. I am not going to stop painting- never fear! But I am concentrating on my 3D art and exploring all it’s possibilities.

 me in my jumpsuit at Nastar 

This year I fought against my fear of the camera, I fought against my negative self image and low self esteem. I fought the patriarchy, I was trolled by racists and sexist people and I knew that I had hit a nerve on their fragile egos. I was determined to face my demons and enjoy all the wonderful opportunities this year. I celebrated my sexuality and my gender and confronted my mental health, I embraced my inner nerd more than I ever had before. I ate more wonderful food and enjoyed it, I traveled, I went to comic conventions and helped build Ai Wei Wei’s installation at the NGV. I went to Philadelphia to train as an atronaut in a simulator, I went to Queensland and patted a baby tiger. I had fun with friends and family and saw more people and did more things than I have had in years. It may be that I am exhausted as we close this year, I really am! But I am determined to not let my pain slow me down in the coming year!

I have missed details like my new tattoo, all the amazing food I ate, the comics I loved, the tshirts I bought, the movies I adored and all those fun silly ways I had a blast this year, I may do an image roundup post later with how much of a giant nerd I was this year.

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