The first few weeks

The view from on of my studio window panes

The view from one of my studio window panes

Did you ever have that nightmare where you haven’t studied and you have a surprise test or a presentation?

That happened to me for reals.

I missed the first two classes due to my enrollment kerfuffle. I missed finding out that I would be presenting a proposal in the second week. I was the third called up. The professor made me do it anyway, making it up on the spot.

I was mortified.

But I did ok. Then, finding out what the assignment actually was I asked to repeat it. I think I gained points for that. The second time went better. This is one of the most important classes about managing our careers as artists and I want to get the most out of it. I didn’t want to skate by, I needed a real critique of my proposal so that I could grow and learn. I really want to do well in this degree. I’m already growing into my role.

I’ve been feeling a little bit disconnected at university the first couple of weeks. It has been strange settling in without orientation and I have felt excited but a little dreamlike about it all. Like it wasn’t real.

That all faded as I got settled into my studio and routine. I know my professors now and smile and chat with them. They can’t believe how I came to study here! Every day I am so excited to start in, even when it involves early mornings. I am already learning so much! I did library inductions and learned about all of the exciting research resources at my fingertips and made the librarians laugh with my sheer excitement. Everyone in the course is lovely.

I have my first hour long critique coming up next week, I’m alternating between being nervous and being really excited to hear what everyone sees in my work. I have several presentations and two essays coming up. nothing major, nothing over 4000 words!

I have paid my first fees installment, I have another coming up soon! If you would like to help I am still accepting donations at my gofundme – -I also have more works available on eBay.

I want to thank all the incredible people who have helped me get to this point. I love you all! I am so happy to be studying this year, it is a wonderful challenge that will bring my art to the next level!

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