To sydney and back again..

Yesterday I had the great joy of presenting on a panel at Manning Bar in the beautiful Sydney university. As part of the verge arts festival and the regular Tuesday talks program the topic was Too Rude? Nudity, art and adolescence. I was honored to be invited and delighted when they offered to fly me…

National Classification Scheme Review – respond today!

Today I filed my responses for the review. I urge you to do likewise. this is the review that will determine if artists need to seek classification about their works. it’s the one that determines if we get censored internet and it’s the one that may allow us to get more games. the conservatives are…

You can’t force artists to classify their art

There is talk in Australia, once again, of limiting artists rights. I am likely to offend people with these statements and I don’t care. Ratings classifications don’t belong in the arts. Frankly they barely belong in movies. Most people fail to notice them with regards to tv and movies and still they complain. Bill Henson…

Nude of the week -Motive- a nude world of Warcraft painting?

She’s consumed with herself and her desire to help, and Arthas, well, Arthas is being consumed by evil. do you remember the line in Billy Madison, ‘I drew a picture of a blue duck because i’ve never seen a blue duck before and I wanted to see a blue duck’ that’s what this painting is, I wanted to see what would happen if I painted them all in the nude, classically posed.

Renoir Nude on the line for superbowl wager

It’s that time of year, the frenzy, the colors, the joy …of the superbowl. this year it’s particularly exciting with two historical enemies sharing the field of battle. the Greenbay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. the excitement has been running high since the championship doubleheader last week and has just been sweetened, in my opinion, by this latest public wager.

achieving my goals bit by bit…Online

I have the software, the knowledge, I just don’t have any excuses. my facebook page is going really strong, it could use some videos, some more images (must paint must paint) and a nice branded landing page. something to entice. that’s next weeks project. as far as redesigning my webpage goes, I’ve been using iweb with some haxies to create my page, and it’s good, it’s certainly easy and it doesn’t distract me with fun code to play with, but I need to step it up a bit.