National Classification Scheme Review – respond today!

Fallen 24x36 Oils on CanvasToday I filed my responses for the review. I urge you to do likewise. this is the review that will determine if artists need to seek classification about their works. it’s the one that determines if we get censored internet and it’s the one that may allow us to get more games. the conservatives are responding in force, but we aren’t getting many responses from the arts and people who oppose censorship. please, show your support. you don’t have to answer every question, you don’t even have to type out giant paragraphs (like I did) just be heard. show your opinion and let the review board know that you oppose forcing artists to classify their works before exhibiting.

On 24 March 2011, Attorney-General Robert McClelland referred the National Classification Scheme to the ALRC and asked it to conduct widespread public consultation across the community and industry.

The review will consider issues including:

existing Commonwealth, State and Territory classification laws
the current classification categories contained in the Classification Act, Code and Guidelines
the rapid pace of technological change
the need to improve classification information available to the community
the effect of media on children and
the desirability of a strong content and distribution industry in Australia.

[From National Classification Scheme Review | ALRC]

your response is due by 5pm tomorrow. please take 5 minutes to respond today.

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