What is it about a nude that’s offensive?

At my local shopping center there is a massage place. The poster in the window has a nude woman’s back and the prices extending down her spine. It’s a cute concept until you get to the lower region. This woman has buttocks, but no dividing line. You can see where the heal tool was used,…

Resolutions and opportunities

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to new years resolutions, why we create them and what they do to us. Last year I had several blog posts worth. Did I achieve them all? No, sometimes because the scope was too huge, and sometimes because as the year went on they lost relevance or new…

Friday nude quotes

to be nude is to feel at one with your surroundings and comfortable with your natural self.. to be naked is to feel the cold and loneliness and fear … Scott on what is the difference between nude and naked?

Friday Nude Quotes

We did extensive test marketing and truly believe that the public has an insatiable desire for this particular body part. After years of predominately featuring younger actresses going nude, the baby boom generation is excited to see a vagina it can relate to Amy Pascal

Friday Nude Quotes

His drawings of the male nude are incredibly sensual. You get the feeling of his hand all over the body. If all we knew about Michelangelo was his drawings, he would still be hailed as a genius. Hugo Chapman

Friday Nude Quotes

I’d do a nude scene for world peace or if I were facing some serious jail time, but I’m also a sucker for a good bottle of wine and candlelight. Jorja Fox

Sorry about the holdup!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging this week. My new computer arrived and it is a work of art! But restoring from out of date backups and a defunct hard drive have kept me very busy. I should be back to normal very soon now. The render speed increase is astounding, I will be able to…