Go Home Painting, you’re drunk.

After a lifetime of studying these matters, I think the idea is to cook up the intoxication without imbibing or inhaling substances. Fresh air is okay. A few quick charges around the driveway often does it. You feel heady–kind of aired out. Fact is, unless your work thrives on negativism, misery and error, artists need…

Friday nude quotes

see more WTF Pictures and WTF videos by Picture Is Unrelated Sorry i’ve been off the radar this week, i’ve tried and failed to write several times. I seem to have terminal writers block ATM. Hopefully it will be gone soon! This is just some silliness till then.

Renoir Nude on the line for superbowl wager

It’s that time of year, the frenzy, the colors, the joy …of the superbowl. this year it’s particularly exciting with two historical enemies sharing the field of battle. the Greenbay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. the excitement has been running high since the championship doubleheader last week and has just been sweetened, in my opinion, by this latest public wager.

achieving my goals for 2011 bit by bit – the studio

so, I mentioned that I had a number of goals for this year , getting back on track after taking a bit of maternity leave (I didn’t take much time off, but I always feel behind) so I’m going to break down my plan for each of my goals in turn in a project management new years series. this is so that I can a) get it all down in an accountable way, and b) show a little on how classic project management techniques can be used for artists.

Rubbing Botero the wrong way

I can’t decide if I’m thrilled or horrified by all this.. on one hand people are interacting with art, they’re enjoying it and it’s making an impact in a positive way – so that’s all good. but on the other, they’re all seeing everything in the most puerile light!

nude art causes mass suicide scare in NYC

Oops.. this is a really interesting concept, and it probably says a lot about the way people interact. it’s nice to see people caring and reporting their concerns for others, but one also has to wonder if this project was that well thought out. the artist Anthony Gormley intended to play with the city and people’s perceptions, but I wonder if he anticipated this sort of issue.

Leveraging Nudes on TV

OMG COVER UP THE JUNK From Wil Wheaton’s photo stream on Flickr This statue is a replica of something famous (I can’t remember which one and art history isn’t my strong suit) but while it doesn’t have arms, it had quite the package. Apparently, if people see a statue’s package on television, Baby Jesus kills…

warm, cuddly nudity

http://www.annamaltz.com/ In reality, these hand-knit people suits–made from angora–are the work of artist Anna Maltz. She makes them in the aforementioned “natural” version, but also in muppet-esque blue, mermaid, and Superman styles. Then she takes photos of people wearing the suits.[From Art is People! It’s People! – Boing Boing] Who says nudity has to be…

8 reasons why making art is like making love

Ecstasy – 21×36 Mixed Media on canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum It has been occurring to me lately that there are many correlations between two of my favorite activities. and because I am going to try to write down the thoughts that come to me, instead of screening them based on some introverted fear I have…