Leveraging Nudes on TV

OMG COVER UP THE JUNK From Wil Wheaton’s photo stream on Flickr

This statue is a replica of something famous (I can’t remember which one and art history isn’t my strong suit) but while it doesn’t have arms, it had quite the package.

Apparently, if people see a statue’s package on television, Baby Jesus kills a kitten, so the art department painted leaves and used them to cover up the offending hangy-down bits.

I thought it was hilarious that they had to do this, even though the statues were just in the background, and any sane person would be looking at Chris Kane or Noa Tishby.

[From OMG COVER UP THE JUNK on Flickr – Photo Sharing!]

I couldn’t resist posting this when I discovered it on flickr. I’ve been following @wilw on twitter for some time and was leafing through his photostream on flickr when I found this treasure in an album for the recent Leverage episode The Two Live Crew Job. I’ve seen this episode but completely missed the statue and the clearly improvised oak leaf cover up. talk about unnecessary censorship!

One thought on “Leveraging Nudes on TV

  1. Hell Hath No Fury like Our Eternally Loving Father and Son, or at least the over-zealot and idiotic people who represent them here on Earth. Like fashions and trends different tolerances have prevailed at points in History, repeating the inhibiting and repressive more often.
    We’re still in the Dark Ages some ways with dopes like the FCC in charge of what is “permissible” in the media. And preposterous things like why can’t i find any nudity on YouTube (for artistic/professional purposes of course!) but i’m bombarded from every direction with violent material from snippets of some Slasher flick to a mob of school kids savagely beating the Hell out of each other. And come to think of it there really is no shortage of “appropriate” semi-nudity of every possible perversion.

    At least PBS remains the most untouched by delinquent senses of decency, except when i’m travelling with Rick Steves who leaves some backgrounds a bit blurry or shoots “over” subjects. But He looks a bit prudish Himself and it’s His show so i can’t complain, He goes places!

    Now i have to go back to Flicker and tell Wil i’m sorry because i forgot how #@*&ing cool He is!

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