wondering what to do with your economic stimulus package? – Stimulate an artist!

Introspection - pencil and watercolors on paper A3
Introspection – pencil and watercolors on paper A3 by Jennie Rosenbaum

every day we are faced with new information about the slowing economy, belt tightening news and now, the economic stimulus packages. these bonus’ are given out to taxpayers so that they can be put back into our consumer driven economy and help keep it afloat. the problem with that is that usually the money goes straight to a heartless corporation to buy a meaningless valueless product. will it make us happier? probably not.

and what if you don’t agree with the government’s stance on numerous issues? the cleanfeed? censoring artists? why not take their money and use it to buy yourself a lasting treasure, an investment and help out people in need all at the same time? and why not send a message while you’re at it?

Use your Rudd dollars to buy nude art!

feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you’ve helped out an artist (many of whom live below the poverty line), and if you live in australia you can feel happy knowing that you are using your money to help out an artist who will not be getting any help from their government because of their subject matter.

oh look! here’s some nude art!

and if you don’t like mine, Hazel Dooney has recently started a new blog showcasing her more affordable works.

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