8 reasons why making art is like making love

Ecstasy - 21x36 Mixed Media on canvas
Ecstasy – 21×36 Mixed Media on canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

It has been occurring to me lately that there are many correlations between two of my favorite activities. and because I am going to try to write down the thoughts that come to me, instead of screening them based on some introverted fear I have decided to write this list. It’s been churning around in my brain for a while and was finally kicked out of there and onto my blog by Problogger’s 31DBBB project.

  1. The more you do, the more you want to do
  2. Thoughts about doing it invade your mind all the time, distracting you from your every day activities
  3. Gunk gets in places you wouldn’t believe
  4. You get really grumpy when interrupted
  5. If it isn’t going well you feel frustrated, inept and close to tears
  6. If it is going well you feel like a treat such as cigarette or a drink afterwards
  7. It provides a natural high
  8. There is a big sense of release at the end of a productive session