warm, cuddly nudity

In reality, these hand-knit people suits–made from angora–are the work of artist Anna Maltz. She makes them in the aforementioned “natural” version, but also in muppet-esque blue, mermaid, and Superman styles. Then she takes photos of people wearing the suits.[From Art is People! It’s People! – Boing Boing]

Who says nudity has to be a serious issue all the time? I love the whimsy in this artist’s work. the reality and the humor involved. her other works are fantastic as well (I love the superman), although she is probably getting best known for her nudity series.
The video on BoingBoing is worth watching, it follows Anna on a family shoot. the awkwardness of the mother is an interesting contrast to the complete relaxed nature of the children. and the fine line at which the pixelization has to occur is priceless. The article also gets props from me for seamlessly meshing soylent green and urinetown references.

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