Putin gone Wild: Russian censorship forcing artists to flee.

Putin’s delightful regime of censorship and despotism is no longer content with targeting our brothers and sisters in the GLBTI community and is now striking out at artists. especially artists that are expressing their displeasure at Putin’s tyranny. one artist depicted Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in lingerie. the artworks were seized by police,…

Stephanie Key’s nude photos have her father’s support

I really approve of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key’s reaction to his Daughter’s photoshoot. He sent her to one of the best art schools in the world, the Paris College of Art, and is then thrilled to see that she is using her tuition to create the art she wants to create. His comments were not those of a politician, carefully primed and written, heading off a crisis or a threat to his career as some sources have implied, his words are those of a proud dad. not an embarrassed dad, but an encouraging and supportive one.

Friday Nude Quotes

“Alexia figured, delightedly, that this meant he did, in fact, tend to traipse around his private apartments in the altogether. Marriage was becoming more and more of an attractive prospect.” Gail Carriger, Soulless