Michael (Tired of War)

Michael is one of three archangels I’m exploring in this series. All three are mentioned in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Three religions that are very different but have many things in common.

 in Judaism he is particularly valued as the defender of Israel. I’ve portrayed him In this context as tired of war weighed down by his armor and sword. He is often mentioned as carrying a flaming sword and Wearing mystical armor. Descriptions of his wings range from blood stained, to huge to also flaming.
My vision of Michael in this work is that he has done this job for millennia. He is sore, he is worn and the armor that has always been a part of him has never felt more like a prison.
This piece is particularly poignant in light of the Palestine-Israel conflicts as a war between Israel and Palestine was a part of the end days as mentioned in revelations. As I painted I found myself repeatedly struck by the ignominy of war and the way history continually repeats. In essence that is what this work is about. History repeating, and the dearest wish that these conflicts will find resolution.
These works are part of an ongoing series to be featured in a solo Exhibition at Mission to Seafarers – Messengers of the Gods

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