Nude of the Week – Pop Daz Render

Pop Daz|Studio render Not quite sure about the lighting in this one, I really like the shadows on the thigh, but not so much the ones on the chest. the pose came really fast, but the lighting was a trick as usual – still, that’s where painting can come in!

Nude of the Week – Pop Sketchbook library sketch.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this series lately, I’m looking forward to painting it so much and a number of people are very interested in the works so I’ve been thinking of approaching this series a bit differently. rather than painting the entire series in one hit and doing an exhibition I am thinking of doing them commission style where collectors can pre-order the painting they like.

Nude of the Week – Dejected

I don’t know if I will ever love it- but it is complete- and it has… something. the title in this work not only reflects the pose, but how I felt when I felt like I couldn’t complete it and how I imagine the painting felt sitting in a dark corner waiting to be.. (that’s normal btw, most of my paintings feel something- it’s when they talk that I get worried :P)

Nude of the Week – Chair 1 Daz Render

This was another piece I was thrilled with when the final render was complete. everything came together. setting these up is tricky and time consuming, it can be frustrating but so rewarding when the render completes Link to the original sketch here Daz|Studio products used Figure: Victoria 4 *free* Character: Eve Hair and Hat: Sienna Hair Lighting: Studiolight Pro Shoes: Stylish Shoes Morphs: Morphs++ and NGM for V4 Bustle: from Infamous

Nude of the Week – Peek Daz Render

One unfortunate thing about the volume lighting is that if a figure uses transparencies (a transmap) to create a realistic look (like the strands in hair) the basic mesh shows as blocks. this is where postworking comes in, or the creativity in painting. the good thing about painting it up is that I can make up for the discrepancies in the 3d. it’s the best of both worlds!

Nude of the Week – Rapsody, Final Work

Rapsody Oils on canvas and 12″ vinyl record My piece for Medium:Vinyl at Hardware Gallery in Sydney is finally completed and shipped off ready for the exhibition in May. this was a piece that I had very strongly in my mind. sometimes, however, that isn’t enough. it took days of posing, lighting and rendering to get this piece right. sometimes, it’s really hard to realize the concept that is stuck in your mind. once I got to the painting stage, however, it was a breeze. sometimes taking the extra planning time really makes the final piece flow perfectly.