Nude of the Week – Pop Sketchbook library sketch.

Burlesque Sketch 12


Watercolor and Pencil on Paper

Sketchbook Library Burlesque Sketch.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this series lately, I’m looking forward to painting it so much and a number of people are very interested in the works so I’ve been thinking of approaching this series a bit differently. rather than painting the entire series in one hit and doing an exhibition I am thinking of doing them commission style where collectors can pre-order the painting they like. This will allow for you to have some say as well- what do you think of that idea?

I’ll write more about it later with more details. oh and fair warning, I’m getting a new sketchbook library sketchbook soon.. the theme is ‘In Flight’.. ooooh…

2 thoughts on “Nude of the Week – Pop Sketchbook library sketch.

  1. Ooh yay for a new sketchbook library sketchbook. I recieved mine on Monday. I was lazy and went for the “Your name here” theme. Mine arrived on Monday. I must blog about it since I’ve started drawing in mine already.

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