Nude of the Week – Peek Daz Render

Burlesque Render 07- Peek Daz Studio Render

Daz|Studio render
Back to my burlesque Over the Top renders,

A number of people search this blog for Daz 3D nudes and information so I am going to start listing the products I use in these renders. I apologize to the people who aren’t interested. I can’t wait to start painting these works, after my self imposed maternity leave (which will be coming to an end very soon, I need studio time!) I will do a couple of easy things to get back into the swing then it’s all about these works, they are in my mind and driving me mad!

One unfortunate thing about the volume lighting is that if a figure uses transparencies (a transmap) to create a realistic look (like the strands in hair) the basic mesh shows as blocks. this is where postworking comes in, or the creativity in painting. the good thing about painting it up is that I can make up for the discrepancies in the 3d. it’s the best of both worlds!

Link to the original sketch here

Daz|Studio products used
Figure: Victoria 4 *free*
Character: Eve
Hair and Hat: Sennia Hair
Lighting: Studiolight Pro
Shoes: Stylish Shoes
Morphs: Morphs++ NGM for V4

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