Procrastination.. and the joy of sheet music

I have decided to take on my long awaited, much put off task of sorting my enormous sheet music collection. this involves filing the loose sheets and sorting the books. unfortunately some of my unsorted music contains a heap of photocopies of medieval solos for the SCA. and none of them have been sorted or stapled. I cant decide even whether to file them together or separate them. Plus the fact that I stop to read exch piece and to usually sing it too.. but I got a little filed before I piked and started looking for notation software for my Mac. sibelius is sooo sexy..

I filed a few pieces at least..

I am missing the SCA though, it is a good place to express creativity etc. I am working on a new version of the St Monicas website. Its about time anyway -so far I have gotten good results which is a nice. I just have to update some of the details now. I am pissed that it has been so long since it was updated, I surrendered the website early last year and nothing has been done on it since – dont whinge if you arent going to do it yourself!! anyway I now have a ton of work to do but I have heaps of time for it so tha is ok.

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