ok.. the combination of Painkillers and Cold and Flu medication is wierd. and not in a good way. In other News I have some exciting new art ideas, but I am concerned as I always am about family. My family is very involved in my life, they love to support me and everything but I worry about

a) writing my book. Which will forever destroy their illusions about me. while I am sure they know now that I am having sex, after all I am 27, have been living with Liam for 8 years and am now married.. I am also sure they dont want to know about it or any of the icky details

b) my latest idea for paintings is very very intimate. it addresses the same issues as above.

I am sure by now that I should be over this and the blush reflex that happens whenever we watch a movie with a sex scene or something. My parents did not raise me as a prude, I am certainly NOT a prude as pretty much anyone who has ever met me will attest to vehemently, but I still cant seem to get past this with them. It goes both ways, I dont want to know anything about them and their sex lives either, but it seems like there is a huge part of my life that they dont even know about. I wonder if it prevents us from getting closer and if I should act more myself around them. I dont even dress the same, my clothes are usually very conservative.

hmm.. just a thought.

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