I’m Wrapped!

It’s amazing, I have done so much research on the web. Pricing, prioritizing, gallery services everything is on the web – except how to wrap art for delivery!!

or at least not that I could find.

Officeworks used to sell big bolts of bubble wrap so I started there. They now only sell small bolts. About half the size I need.

So I made it up and fought with bubble wrap and packing tape. The results are ok now – I think they will survive the trip at any rate.

I am excited about the show – but between the nightmares of mangled artworks and the fear that something will go wrong now that I have told people about it and my work will not end up on display- I am very nervous.

I have good reason to be worried – lots of gallery owners are going to be there and one in particular is coming specifically to see my works. AAARRRGGGHH!!


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