Slack slack slack

I have been working on my essays and taking new meds that are amking me sleep. a lot. I dont know if they are working yet but it is probably too soon to tell.

I have a new HUUUGE canvas (it doesn’t really fit on my easle) but I dinna know what to put on it.

This raises the question Liam asked me when I was working on my vietnamese musician. he asked why people would buy a portrait of someone they don’t know. all I can think of is that it should speak to them the way all art should. maybe it reminds them of someone or something or a time in their lives – or maybe they just like the face. I dont know – I am still working on it.

I am a little off portraiture at the moment. I love faces and what they tell about the person beneath, but I think they are not where I want to be right now. when I am a little looser I might try again.

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