One arty thing a day…

My new meds are making me so sleepy and pathetic I have to set myself some tasks to make sure I accomplish things.

First and foremost are my assignments obviously – I needed an extension on my second art history essay (the impact of the Flemish renaissance on painting) due to these stupid drugs which made me more or less useless while I got used to them. Anyway, I have had a productive day today and completed one of my photography assignments as well as making some good headway on my art history essay. I need to get moving as I have that due and another big day of shooting for my next photography assignment.

anyway, where was I going? Oh yes- one arty thing a day. As part of my destressing, assigning tasks, and general art work, I am going to create one art piece per day. It may be a painting, a sketch or a photo – or something else but it will be something – even if it is small. I will put it up here so that I am accountable for something.

that’s the plan anyway…

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